Thank you for joining us in pursuing freedom in Chile. We have several options available.

Fiat Currencies

Bank transfers or payments using cards or Stripe accounts can be made using the following options.

[This option is in process, but you are able to make fiat donations through Changelly, listed below.]

  • Bank Transfer –
  • Credit, debit or Stripe transfers – See Changelly option below


We have three options for donating cryptomonedas in order to promote freedom in Chile.

Direct Transfers

The first one is our direct cryptomoneda wallets. Due to exchange constraints, we can only accept BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC. Donations can be made directly to any of these addresses. If you have options, ETH is our preference because of lower transfer fees and high liquidity.

  • BTC – 31n8p7KvKdYgbGBRSxUgFBxqUkWQNsgH3B
  • ETH – 0x274a6bd0a13fb56f5a95850d5d925785fd787970
  • BCH – 37G1krWBT5wPn5cGshNVgT1pggoxWj8siE
  • LTC – MRnrFyxY4FugdGPG8W5HCGB2UMZGzatrZt

CoinPayments Conversion

The second one is CoinPayments, which can convert many cryptomonedas into the above payments automatically on your behalf. This is for people who have tokens other than the four we list above. Simply click on the button and choose the fiat amount you wish to donate and the token to use, then follow the prompts.

If you create an account using our link, we’ll receive a portion of CoinPayments’ commissions on your future transactions.


For any fiat or cryptomonedas not available through CoinPayments, please use Changelly via the widget below. Simply put your conversion into our ETH address (0x274a6bd0a13fb56f5a95850d5d925785fd787970). Using your own accounts or credit/debit cards, you are able to send fiat as well.

Additionally, if you set up an account with Changelly and use it in the future, we will receive a portion of Changelly’s commission on your future transactions.

We encourage our friends use this tool for any conversions at any time to any destination (including unrelated to Partido Independencia) as well.

Thank you for joining the fight to promote a freer, safer and more prosperous Chile.